Magnum Photos and Leica shooting in Chamonix

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With Bruno Compagnet, a freeride legend, we spend more than one week in Chamonix for a shooting last winter. The shooting was for Leica and Magmum Photos. We met Jonas Bendiksen and we started to work together.


Jonas is really a great photographer, he has a very poetic point of view, and i love his way to look at the things. He is just great! It's hard to me explain in english, but also in Italian, what kind of feelings that can send me his photos!



Jonas learns so quickly the way to move on the mountain! Work with him and all his staff was something of which I am proud. I was so lucky to be there for this great project! And I have to say thanks, a big thanks to Norrøna for giving to me always these great opportunity!


The video from Kyrre Lien is just amazing. Seems like a dream or something that keep you dreaming! For sure to me is a dream became true!


Thanks Jhonas with whole my heart and Kyrre, it was a pleasure working with you! Really a big pleasure!  


Meet people with this kind of passion, love and huge skills is simply a gift. A big one!



Chamonix freeride skiing with Leica - The Movie











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